VD? Really? Want to buy new abbreviation, stat.

Caught up with all the _Vampire Diaries_ episodes last night. How unfortunate is it that it abbreviates to “VD”? Makes for some awkward explanations if somebody walks in mid-convo…

So okay, I admit that the show got quite watchable on its own merit from episode 4 onwards — when it managed to cut ties with most of the genre comparisons. Which can be a very difficult thing to do. Kudos to the writers on that.

Though it does seem that they must have made a pact wherein only Damon is allowed to deliver the best lines. What’s up with that? Not that I don’t enjoy the utter bitchtasticness, but it does seem rather unfair to the other characters.

Am very saddened that Gina Torres only lived for one ep. Am also puzzled that the message coming from this show’s character casting decisions seems to be “All Black women are either witches or bitches.” Really, CW, would it hurt that much to have some minority characters that *aren’t* marked outsiders? I mean, _Gossip Girl_ might have gone a little rainbow coalition in its mean girls casting, but at least it was a nice effort. “Anybody can be a bitch!” it declares perkily. I’m on board with that sentiment.


  1. [Cue Ang’s Sassy Black Friend]

    Good point about tv shows portraying Black folk in certain ways. [High five!] It gets really annoying sometimes. So limited.

    What say you we create a tv show ourselves? 😉

    • Woot! I’ve been trying to get you to write something with me for ages, silly. I get all cranky every time they kill off a minority character on the shows I watch. It’s like, “NO! You can’t do that, they’re an endangered species!” Hee.

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