And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the sound of hell freezing over.

My mother has discovered how to use the forward button on her email. Given her tendency to believe everything she reads, this horrifies me to no end. I might have to create a whole new mailbox filter just to preserve my sanity. o.O


  1. Earlier this year my parents joined Facebook. I had much the same reaction to that as you had to your mother discovering how to forward.

    • Bahahaha. My parents actually asked me the other day if we would friend them if they joined Facebook. I out and out told them, emphatically, NO. That it started as a peer group thing and, at least on my end, still is. I don’t think either me or my brothers want parents seeing all the photos and stuff we post there. Gack.

  2. Thankfully my Moms completely computer illiterate so I don’t have to worry about that*lol*, she usually relies on me to send her e-mails. 🙂

    • You know, that’s what I thought about my mom, too. Especially given that she doesn’t speak much in the way of English, let alone type it. Usually it’s my dad that sends us emails. So beware, who knows what tricks she still might pick up…

  3. Thankfully, my parents have not tried to Friend me, and I think they’ve given up on Facebook entirely. They really only joined it in the first place so that they could cyber stalk my sister who’s living in Australia, and she practically never updates her FB.

    • LOL. That was exactly why they wanted to do it, too! They wanted to find out what my brothers were up to, and I flat out told them that my brothers would not friend them back. There’s enough self-editing going on already without having to deal with it there too.

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