Return of the ducklings!

As I’ve mentioned before, we live next to a large park where waterfowl of all kind like to hang out. Being a quiet, closed community with lots of water features, our feathered neighbors decide to take family vacations here pretty often. Last week, this mother duck and her brood of 12 showed up splashing about in the little creek that runs by our patio. We were watching them through the window from only a few feet away, and I actually went out to feed her some bread after taking these videos. Socute.


  1. That’s A LOT of ducklings!

    • I know! I had to count them a few times just to be sure o.O I know that they have huge families because most of them are eaten by the local predators (I’ve seen several feral cats running about) before they reach adulthood, but I hate to think about that when they’re so tiny and fluffy.

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