Grats to the Grad, David!

A quick shout-out to my little brother David, who is a fully-fledged pharmacist now! He graduated this past weekend up at Uni of Pacific, which was a bit further than I could travel on short notice with a gig coming up. However, I’m super proud of the huge levels of time, commitment and hard work that he put into completing that program.

Like a few unnamed others, I admittedly thought it was a whim when he first announced he was going to pharmacy school after undergrad. And like a few more unnamed others, I was horrified by the city of Stockton when we dropped him off at his new apartment that first summer. However, years have passed, he hasn’t gotten into any shoot-outs in the Murder Capital of the West, and now he’s all graduated and everything. It’s exciting to have another scientist in the family, and by now he can probably out-talk me at least on the chemistry front 🙂

Here’s to you, goober — go out there and deal them drugs! *g*

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