Have finished directing all cloned placeholder journals (don’t tell me you guys didn’t go and reserve your name at every new blogging site back during the last few LJ scares) back to this one, and was even able to put up a nifty streaming widget on some of them to give a live feed of this place. I’m feelin’ all thorough today.

In other news, have amused myself by uploading several different headers onto this main page and my WoW journal so that every time people load the page they will see a different graphic. This could very quickly get out of hand, given how many silly photos I can think of to use.

In yet more news, Sassygurl got a little bit older yesterday. She has the dubious distinction of having been born on tax day. This makes it pretty easy to remember her birthday but also means that for the most part, all the people she meets that day are rushed and cranky from having to deal with their personal finances. Many happy returns, girlie. Including a big fat tax return. 😉

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