Roasted Pumpkin Seeds


Remember this post about pumpkin puree where I mentioned always saving the seeds from pumpkins to use for another recipe? This would be one of those recipes. Super simple and gives you loads of snacky stuff to have in a bowl for entertaining guests or to keep in your purse for when your stomach starts growling before lunch. You can crack them open like sunflower seeds or eat them whole (the way I do). The crunch is the fun part!t_roastedpumpkinseed01

Two small pumpkins’ worth of seeds, rinsed of as much pulp as humanly possible. I did a batch a couple of years before using a simpler method, but tried the SimplyRecipes version last year and found that the extra prep really helped them achieve that perfect level of salty and crunchy. So that’s what you will see depicted below.


Instead of just throwing the seeds straight into the oven, the recipe suggests simmering them for 10 minutes in salted water (exact ratios given at the original recipe page). Then drain and proceed as you would for roasting any other seeds/nuts.


When I do this again, I will actually use wax paper to spare the roasting pan from complicated cleanup. Then I’d just toss the seeds in a small amount of olive oil (in a separate bowl), spread them on the pan, and sprinkle with a bit more seasalt. In the above, though, I decided to do it all on the pan and it got really annoying when I had to scrub that all off in the end. Lower left shows a little more than 10 minutes past, when I took out the tray to toss the seeds around a bit with a spatula and make sure they were roasting evenly. Lower right shows 20 minutes of roasting, with the seeds fully dried and browned. Remove, cool, and serve.

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