Any WordPress wizards out there?

Have started the process of moving all my various blogs and sites over to a more consolidated form on my personal webspace. You know, the space and domains that I’ve been paying for over the past several years but have only been using as a glorified FTP server. Bad me. Anyways, finally decided to sit down and install WordPress instead of just staring at it accusingly like I have been for the past month. I plan to syndicate and keep my old LJs as long as they’ll be hosted, but just want to have it hosted on my servers.

However, it seems I’m run into a slight snag. For some reason, the LJ importer at seems to be having issues with the way some entries are coded? So I went and downloaded LJArchive, figuring I’d download it all that way and convert into XML if I had to. Only LJArchive also told me something weird about converting old entries… which I’ve already done, as far as I can tell. So now I’m getting kinda desperate because having to do 8 years’ worth of posts by hand would really *really* suck.

This only seems to be a problem for this main LJ, which is a bit of a monster since I’ve had it since 2001. The other two smaller LJs I exported yesterday are only a year old and went without a problem. What could I possibly be messing up?

Anybody have ideas? *hopeful look*

UPDATE: Whee! After digging through several screens of LJ options, found the right thing to click. Can now import to account with the API importer, then transfer it to my home server from there. Threaded comments and everything! Am very happy 🙂

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