Today shall be spent on a shopping spree of epic proportions, since I have to outfit three films by… oh, say, TONIGHT.

Because producers seem to think we have money coming out of our ears and can afford to buy everything *before* we get the budget in our hands. Sigh.

It’s like, I love that I’m actually being paid to make and shop for pretty things, but all the joy is sucked out of it when you’re doing it at roadrunner speed with a looming deadline. And people wonder why I end up mail-ordering most of my own clothes.

And for those that are wondering, the films are about 1. punk rockers, 2. an artist and her parcel delivery man, and 3. a twilight-zonish barber. Hey, at least I’ve gotten out of the the KKK/slavery/Nazi rut, eh? 😀


  1. Pretty interesting…good luck!

  2. However, since you are so MADE OF AWESOME, I suspect you will achieve all this with unflappable calm and stunning grace. Of course people are always going to expect you to deliver the impossible when you consistently show them you can!

    I still share the story of my amazing visit to LA!

  3. whoa…crazy deadlines!

    GOOD LUCK! i KNOW they’ll look great 🙂

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