Hurry up and wait.

Am on the set of my latest film. Which happens to be about a boy who is heartbroken because his boyfriend is cheating on him with… a girl. Gasp! Yeah, I know it’s nothing particularly new these days, but it still caused a giggle when my producer sent me the script. And, y’know, our last location involved a club scene where the boys were dancing in slow motion with moody lighting and glitter falling all over them. Which caused both me and the AD to exclaim “It’s so Velvet Goldmine!” Hee.

The location before that was on the beach. Literally, feet from the ocean. A pod of dolphins actually swam by several yards away, leaping out the of the waves to watch occasionally. Tourists also drifted by and took pictures. Which was understandable, considering we had a king-sized bed outfitted in satin sheets with a bronze headboard set up on the sand. It was a dream sequence, you see.

And today we’re doing a bedroom scene. Nothing porny, just the dramatic longing-eyes sort of thing.

So I guess that’s my way of explaining where I have been the past few weeks. Not entirely lost in a video game fog, just unexpectedly heaped with a last minute gig that was too amusing to turn down. Okay, that and the producer is a friend who’s fun to work with, so it was a no-brainer.

Modern costumes, so nothing to report on the wardrobe construction front. Except that it was a BITCH trying to find a bright red satin slinky gown this season. They don’t exist outside of bridal boutiques and prom gown shops, it seems. We eventually went with the latter, but just sayin’. It seems that red has left the building entirely for this winter. Ah, well.

But back to today. Wherein I’m basically just on-call in case anything rips apart, because really, there isn’t much for wardrobe to do when the leads are two boys in t-shirts. Luckily, I brought my laptop and there’s wifi here. Go modern technology!


  1. Hope you have a great birthday sweetie 😀


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