Either you’re in or you’re out. Or, y’know, lurking.

I know I should have asked to be taken off the class mailing list after I dropped earlier this quarter, but there’s something terribly amusing about getting emails labeled “From: andrae gonzalo” every week. Even his writing is flamboyant! Hee. On the first day of class, he wrote “Office Hours”, then crossed out “Office” and put “Happy” instead. 🙂

Ah, well, the term’s almost over and then it’ll be moot.

Hey, when does the new season of Project Runway start, anyway?


  1. That is fabulous and I’m a little jealous! 🙂 I got sucked into a Project Runway Season 2 marathon yesterday and forgot just how much I loved Andrae and Santino’s impressions of Tim Gunn.

    New season supposedly premiering mid-November, but apparently it’s not completely firmed up yet.

  2. Hee! The roomie and I need to sit down and have a similar marathon for all the seasons before the next one starts 🙂 So mid-November sounds just about perfect for playing catch-up!

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