Fun Finnish Foods, a pictorial.

Apologies to anybody who was having issues with using the comments system these past few days — there was a glitch involving a naughty plug-in that I just got around to figuring out last night. Everything should work just fine now.

Yeah, I take pictures of random food-related things when the mood strikes me. These are pretty obviously for the peeps back in the States, since I’m sure this stuff looks pretty unremarkable to anybody on this side of the Atlantic.



  1. I want a big plate of pic #3!

    • Hmmm, I’m staring at that picture now and wondering if that’s actually fried vendace and not herring. Small distinction, but worth noting if you’re as into fish as we are. Still, yes, it’s a good thing those vendors are only around during festivals, because that much fried food is seriously dangerous. Nom.

  2. To me, “this” (image 0479) looks like a perunaleivos. does not have a recipe, but has some photos on how they are made at Fazer, so maybe you can see if the insides look familiar. 🙂

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