Hermione’s pink hoodie.

I promised videl_bishoujo that I’d post pictures of the Hermione hoodie that I got a couple years back from the official Japanese Harry Potter store. Because of the Japanese penchant for (and marketability of) film replicas with insanely accurate detailing (with accordingly higher prices), they were licensed to make many items from the movies that are not available in the US. The site doesn’t ship out the country, either, so those of us overseas who want items mostly have to wheedle and cajole friends into getting them for us 🙂

Here’s pictures of the garment in question as seen in the film:

It’s the outfit she’s wearing for at least 1/3 of the film and a lot of the promotional materials, so was fairly recognizable. Also, since this was the first film where we saw them out of the school robes for the majority of the movie, their new street clothes made everybody do a double take when the posters first came out.

I’m sure there are a few other fans who managed to order this and put up their observations. However, it’s a one-size-fits-all made with youngish Asian consumers in mind, so the question of fit definitely comes into the question. The sizing is a children’s large and a junior’s medium. It fits okay on Quincy here, a size 10 Wolf dress form, aka a size 8 Alva, aka a size 6 contemporary in most department stores. However, you can see the sleeves will look short on most adults, since it’s made for pre-teens. I’m not a very tall person and it still only *just* makes it to my wrists. Pardon the lumps on the back picture, Quincy is also wearing the Emily jumper underneath because I was too lazy to strip it entirely, hence the bulge where the giant bow is.

The details are what really draw the costume-minded, though. Cuz really, you can get a pink hoodie just about anywhere. At the time of the movie, Old Navy had one out that was very similar, if you didn’t mind the details. But of course, hard-core costumers know that’s where the fun is 🙂 We could tell in the movie that there was some sort of embroidery or patchwork on Hermione’s left arm, but it wasn’t until the high-res stills (and, later on, touring costume displays) came out that we saw what was really going on there. It’s swirly little embroidered design that I still haven’t really tried to decode. I’m crap at embroidery, so wouldn’t have ever tried to duplicate it anyway. The zipper is an industrial-looking one that, paired with the no-nonsense jean rivets on the pocket corners, offsets the girly pinkness of garment. Which reflects the character pretty well, especially in this film installment.


A picture in natural light. It’s a very true shade of pink, which can be hard to find in stores. Except in the kids’ department, that is. Most adult shops lean more towards the salmon end of the spectrum, especially now that retro is back.

The hoodie currently costs ¥3799 ($34) but I think this is the discounted price. It was probably closer to $45/50 when it first came out. In the same order, I also bought the replica time-turner. It actually swivels, while the first US version made by the Noble collection didn’t. Noble has since made a working version (probably after many people broke theirs trying to make it work), though it’s still MUCH more expensive than the Japanese one for the same craftsmanship. I also got the rainbow belt because it was cute and it was the second most recognizable piece of wardrobe in the outfit. The jeans, undershirt and Golas are pretty much universally available. I also got mattierobertson the commemorative 422nd Quidditch World Cup souvenir tote bag, though she wouldn’t realize that until she opened it on Christmas 🙂

I definitely recommend that any HP fans take a look around the Japanese site — TONS of wonderful stuff, for very reasonable prices. It’s just a matter of finding somebody to order and ship them to you that gets sort of sticky. But, y’know, what’s the internet for, if not making friends in far-flung places?


  1. *fangirls* Thank you for posting!!! I really want the hoodie now, but I am 99.9% sure I won’t get it … and other things on the site … *mwahaha* for knowing people in the land of the rising sun!

  2. Oh yeah, I got happiness when I saw Quincy wearing our jumper!

  3. I try to only look on that site when I know specifically what I’ll be ordering, because it would cause too much mayhem to my credit card otherwise 🙂 Way too much cool stuff. I don’t think they’ve put up any of the Phoenix costumes yet, but it should only be a matter of time, given how much they’ve done with the previous movies. There’s an actual store, too, which I full intend to hit when I finally take that trip to Japan after graduating. (My parents have been promising to take me for ages, but every time they go I’ve had to be at school.) There are many other things on my shopping list as well, as I’m sure you know 🙂

  4. Yes, it hasn’t left Quincy since you last saw him 🙂 I’ll probably need to start using him for projects sooner rather than later, but it’s just so cute on him that I hate to take it off. Hee.

  5. how can i get this sweatshirt….

  6. What does that say on one of her sleves? And what does it stand for? I cannot read it… My sister wants this, she’s 12, i’m 14. she thinks im her “slave” at picking out clothes…

    • Hi, Chase —

      From what I can tell, it’s just a random design. Doesn’t say anything, doesn’t mean anything, just a swirly pretty thing embroidered there. Hope that helps!

  7. TNK U SO MUCH!!!! My mom went out to get it today. she’s at areopostale.


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