Picks n’ Pans Addendum

Scooby Doo: So, like, we saw this Friday night and I apparently forgot by the next morning. So much so that it totally did not cross my mind to write about it in the rundown before I was reminded. So I guess this means that it, uh, didn’t leave much of an impression. I mean, it was okay. It was perfect summer fare. It amused, it was visually fun (those sets must’ve been so much fun) and… I dunno, it just didn’t do anything for me. *shrug* Maybe it was just the overdose of CGI that did it? Maybe it was just that there wasn’t anybody particularly likable, though I’ll concede that Matthew Lillard was very good. But still. Eh. I’m amused that I seem to have the exact opposite reactions to this and Minority Report, compared the other reviews I’ve been reading on the friends list. Then again, my criteria for movies tends to be much more… shallow? Perhaps. 🙂 Lenient. In a strange way. But moving on.

Atlantis: The Lost Empire: *So* not a Disney flick. *So* not a children’s movie. Like, wow. Felt obliged to see it since it was the only one of the recent films that we’d skipped over completely. It was like an adopted Dreamworks baby trying desperately to fit into the Disney herd and not even passing, I swear. I mean, the dialogue was fun, the story was decent, the content was there… but… we just kept on blinking and saying, “Are you sure this is Disney?” But then they had a Lilo & Stitch trailer at the very end and that was happy, so hey.

Lamppost Pizza’s Chicken, Artichoke Heart, Fresh Tomato and Basil Pizza: Still kicks ass.

And yeah, I think that’s just about covers it 🙂 I’m all about the recs — enlighten us as to what’s worth watching!

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  1. AH! JC thinks of Stitch! 🙂

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