Project 365 – serving up a dish of whoa!

As part of my jumping-back-into-LJ thing, I’m going to start doing Project 365, the photo-a-day thing that many people have had going for years now. It’s something that I always wanted to do, but just never got around to. And I’m gonna stop never getting around to things here and now. Hopefully šŸ˜‰


So I was unpacking stuff from the trip this weekend past when I found this box in among the rest of the gifts that we’d just heaped into one suitcase for later sorting. I didn’t remember who it was from and didn’t think much of it until T wandered past.

“You know what those are?” he asked.
“A serving set,” I reply.
“A wedding cake serving set,” he elaborated. “But my mom said it wasn’t meant to be a hint.”

In that way where it totally can’t help but be, of course. Especially in light of how his grandmother, after being shown the necklace he’d given me for Christmas, asked excitedly if we’d set a date yet.

Not that any of this is new territory — we’ve been living together for about a year (well, officially so for half a year), have joint custody of a kitten, and have pretty much agreed on future expectations (jobs, housing, income, number of possible kids and how they’d be handled, etc.) already. We’re amazingly stable, open and flexible. It’s downright unhealthy how healthy our relationship is. It’s just kinda weird to see material proof that all our vague talks might actually be leading somewhere. Somewhere really grownup. Stuff that my mother used to say I’d think about when I was older. It kinda sneaks up on you, doesn’t it?


  1. That project 365 sounds really interesting.

  2. Oh, I like Project 365 pictures. It appeals to the nosy side in me *g*

  3. I also enjoy this idea, and I intend to steal it.

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