Mission Statement of Sorts

I have an “about” page up on this blog (it’s that little tab in the upper left corner there, next to “home” and “links”). Given, none of those pages have really been updated for a couple years so I should probably think about that at some point. Anyway. What I didn’t realize was that it is apparently now necessary to have a mission statement and disclaimer as well.

This is a personal blog. It isn’t a site for original or bootlegged recipes, I post pretty much whatever and whenever I feel like it, I am not a professional at anything food-related, and I do this for my own amusement. This is my way to share things with friends and family who live very, very far away. What will you find here? My opinions and reviews on things food-and-garden-related. Maybe a few pictures of whatever I felt like spamming my parents with today. What I made for dinner, if it turned out especially well. Or spectacularly NOT well. That’s about it. That’s all you’d expect from any personal journal, right? So really, if anybody wishes to whine about my lack of useful content, they are free to pay me for writing something more pertinent to their interests. That is something I will entertain, because it falls under the category of “work”. Otherwise, please feel free to close the browser window and let me putter away with my hobby.

Right, so that’s what I’m sending people to next time something pops up. It will come in useful, I’m sure — this is the internet, after all.

(And yes, I do actually have stuff to post other than the above, but it seemed timely to get that over with first. Brace yourselves for more garden spam to come, because it’s the middle of a snowy Finnish winter and I’m getting impatient for spring.)

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