In which I’m cheap. Again.

Huh. So I just did something that was vaguely fulfilling in an internet-loitering sort of way.

I had this 1-liter bottle of Coke from when I was studying for finals, y’see, and decided on a whim to actually enter the code in the cap. That was worth 3 points, their really annoying scripty-and-slow website tells me. Now, I don’t drink nearly enough soda to actually expect to earn anything through sheer unbridled sugar consumption alone. Nor did I realistically believe I’d sign on often enough that they wouldn’t end up deleting my account from lack of activity anyway — just look at how many years I let this LJ languish. However, I do believe in the power of promotional codes and coupons… and know how to Google. 🙂

Ten minutes later, I’m inputting a batch of codes that push my account up to 81 points. Immediately redeem them for a year’s subscription to the fashion magazine of my choice (80 points) and a free bottle of… Coke. Heh. Considering I’ll probably not go back to that site for another year at the least, that was rather productive. You can never have too many magazines when you’re cutting up stacks of them for school projects, and the ones in the free bin at school are always raggedy and old. Yay for free stuff!


  1. There is nothing wrong with being cheap! As a former college student it is difficult to shake the custom of counting every penny and getting as much free stuff as one can put in your pockets. I personally enjoy getting free stuff, and will do what I can to get it. For example, I remember us taking about an hour out of our day to go to a few study abroad and graduate school fairs. This is not to say that we didn’t want to study abroad or go to graduate school, but let’s face it: the idea of free pens and pads and cool highlighters was the main attraction.
    Hope all is well. I updated my LJ. . . finally. :o)

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