Am waiting patiently for my new domain name to propagate, thus allowing my old website to return. It was never really offline, it just reverted back to an IP address after I let the giddyupnow domain lapse. Have since registered a new one to point there, so vast updates and a complete rehaul are probably in order to make everything correspond properly. How long does it take for a domain to take root, a couple of days? It’s been so long since I’ve had to do this that I can’t remember.

Right, so I was going to post about hobbies and fandoms separately, which would be here. I’ve really not had much time to get into any fandoms — the last one that I actively participated in was pop and it looks to stay that way for a while. I had been doubting whether I’d be as enthusiastic upon returning, fearing that things would have changed greatly, but a quick look through new photos confirmed that I am still quite fond of sparkly dancing boys 🙂 (Insert the sound of anybody who even peripherally knows me going, “Well, duh…”)

Still a LotR, Star Wars, and general sci-fi/fantasy geek.

Still draw hearts around Disney, anime, and movies with pretty costumes.

Old shows that I re-watched the entire runs of during my time offline, because I heart them so: Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Alias, and Coupling. I’ve downloaded all the seasons of X-Files finally and plan to have a grand marathon of nostalgia with it this summer.

New shows that I download and watch with reliable frequency: Project Runway, Top Model (from various countries), LOST, 24, House and Numb3rs. And okay, I got sucked into the last couple seasons of Survivor because of the amusing cultural division gimmick. I’ve been downloading Bones, Veronica Mars, and SG:A but will not started watching until the to-watch queue lightens up a bit.

I can’t wait until _Order of the Phoenix_ and _Golden Compass_ comes out, but that’s probably not news to anybody.

Hobby-wise, the gardening has died off a bit since our moving to a house with a much smaller courtyard. Have started getting serious with the aquariums again, though, and have even started specializing because loaches are rapidly becoming my favorite fish. No time to play with yarn, because of various school assignments, so most of my creative endeavors are currently focused towards fashion stuff — sketching, draping, sewing, etc. I think that covers everything.

Oh, and I *have* been leaning more and more heavily towards the gothic lolita/Japanese street fashion thing over the last couple of years. Don’t necessarily dress it fully, but do find it popping up incessantly in everything I design. We’ll see how this effects the “collection” I’m designing for this quarter’s draping class soon enough.

Of course, if there are any interesting fandoms out there that any of you think I should be checking out, I’ll gladly take suggestions. New stuff is fun! 🙂


  1. Hello again.

    Just FYI, not sure if it’s problem with your journal or with mine, but your entries aren’t showing up on my friendslist. I know you’re posting because I’ve tagged your journal for notification of new posts, but you are not showing up my on flist.

  2. but a quick look through new photos confirmed that I am still quite fond of sparkly dancing boys

    Guess you’re not getting rid of us that quickly 😉

    You have a lot of shows there that I love. Top Model is wonderful, I wish more people would see that.

  3. Hello! 🙂 I wondered if you were still out there somewhere. Nice to see you pop up on my friends page.

  4. I’m so glad you’re back =)

    I didn’t see you mention Heroes or Battlestar Galactica and I highly recommend both. Eureka’s really good too.

    I love Japanese street fashion, though I don’t dress in it at all, so I’d be really interested to see your designs! =)

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