Spring is here! Sort of.

At least, the calendar says it is. The snow is also mostly gone and the ice is nearly melted off all the bodies of water. The leaves aren’t out on the trees yet, but we’re seeing all kinds of stuff starting to emerge. Like these pretty little snowdrops sprouting right next to our building.

It’s still damp outside and I’ve been warned that the ground might still be frozen a couple of inches down, so I haven’t actually put a shovel to the large garden plot at the new house yet. However, the gorgeous sunny days make me want to start planting things. I’d have everything in the ground by now back in Cali, after all. So I figured I’d start some seeds inside that might need a bit more time to develop.


Yes, those are plastic yogurt containers. They come with their own clear lids and make perfect little greenhouses. They’re sitting on top of the freezer currently because there’s a nice warm draft generated by the machine from behind.


Big ol’ pumpkins that will hopefully keep us in puree for a year. Taking a bit of a risk, since it’s questionable whether they’ll bear fruit over the course of our short (but endlessly sunny) summers. The seeds were cheap, though, so we’ll give it a try. Pumpkins aren’t big sellers up here so it’s hard to find enough to satisfy my baking needs. Planted 8 of these.


Butternuts are awesome. Much like pumpkins, I’ll use them for tons of baking and cooking needs. Plus, we have plenty of room in our new cellar for storage! Planted 8 of these too.


Sunny little ball-shaped squashes! They look adorable and will probably be a very nice one-serving size for dinner parties. Only planted 6 of these because that was all that came in the packet! Cheap seed company 😛

As I’ve done for the past few years, I will be keeping a gardening database on Folia to track the progress of my plantings. With an area this big, it’ll be immensely useful to have notes on where everything is and how they’re developing. How is everybody else doing with their gardening this year?

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