Return of the berries of the sea.

This post is dedicated to Keva, who hates eggs. She made a fuss about my previous post¬†regarding fake (seaweed-based) caviar a while back, so I thought it was only fair that I share with her the real stuff ūüôā It showed up in my local grocer’s fish refrigerator last month and I had to get a jar. This isn’t my first run-in with salmon roe this side of the Atlantic, but they were probably the largest ones I’ve seen so far. Still not as generously sized as the ones I got back in Cali¬†but I’ve come to accept that most things in Europe are on a different scale. Mussels, oysters, salmon, lobsters — maybe it’s the colder water or maybe there’s just more for sea creatures to eat in the Pacific, I don’t know. It’s totally noticeable, though.

So anyways, here you go, Keva:

I’m so used to freshly-made ikura in the Japanese grocer’s deli that it took a while to get used to stuff that’d been sitting in a jar for a few weeks. Still, not bad and an improvement over the pinhead-sized eggs that were being sold in the deli of our market. I tried making sushi with those my first couple of months here and spent a couple days just trying to plump them up through repeated brining/debrining sessions. It helped a little, but I think those were probably eggs gathered immaturely from farmed fish heading for the dinner table, rather than ones specifically harvested for the purpose from breeder fish.

So yes, I fully plan to have a shellfish and¬†roe buffet night when I’m back in Cali next summer, to get as much of things that I can’t get here as possible before flying home. It’s a small thing to miss, but that’s usually how it goes.

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