A new addition.

So after years of prodding, my good friend Sassy has started playing WoW again! She had a trial account that previously expired, but hopefully it’ll stick this time around. We started her off as a paladin, figuring it was the most versatile and durable for a beginner. And because we’ll hopefully be able to train her as a raid healer as time goes by 😉 Took her for a tour through Eastern Kingdoms on my flying rocket this morning and managed to ding her from just exploration and picking up flight points. Will try to get through most of Kalimdor tomorrow, then get into some questing. I’ve always liked leveling new characters, so this should be pretty fun. I wonder who I should take along? I’ve got a level 11 gnome warlock who’s currently serving as my banker. Or maybe it’s time to take that new nelf mage out for a spin…?

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