Server Transfer Imminent.

Well, there we go again. Galena’s been packed and sent along her way to Silver Hand. The only 80 I have left on Terokkar now is my little DK. She’ll probably follow later in the year… we’ll see.


  1. Another wow player eh 😛
    I’ve been playing the beta, cata’s looking great 🙂

    • Excellent! I’ve not been signing in too often lately — tired of raiding and have too many other projects to spend my time on. When I do sign on, it’s usually just to do a bit of crafting or to fool around with achievements 😛 I let the boy keep me updated on what’s happening in the game these days 🙂 I figure taking a break now will keep me from burning out too early when the expansion hits. All the stuff I’ve been hearing sounds like fun, though — can’t wait!

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