*blinks* The only Letters and Sciences counselor that I could actually talk to just retired at the end of February. I found this out when I was calling her number this morning hoping to get an appointment. Um. Wow. Okay. Gone. Well, then. Poof. Like, I wouldn’t even be back in this school if not for this woman and she’s the only counselor in that office that doesn’t terrify me. I was going to drive up there and try to get the rest of my schedule worked out so that graduation was actually, y’know, in sight. But now I kinda just want to hide under some covers.


  1. yahoo!mail scorns my comp! am forced to make a comment out of an email, w00t.


    June 30, 2004
    BULLETS AND OCTANE, THE HURT PROCESS (UK band, on Victory Records), Hot
    Like A Robot, The Knives, The Thieves
    Get Tickets at Ticketmaster
    7:30 to 11:30

    HI Angela!
    Are you busy then? I’m driving up for the show. 🙂 Email me back if you can go!

    much love

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