It’s all sticky.

My Milton professor is slightly on the wacky side. I’ll explain why she’s called crazy dog lady one of these days, but yesterday’s class was particularly surreal.

“This was a treatise about religious tolerance, but only to a certain extent. It was like saying that we all have a piece of the Truth to contribute, right, but if you let everybody come along to the party, how do we know that somebody isn’t bringing a piece of Something Really Wrong as well? Like, well… something really bad. Like… hmm… no, not that… or that… help me, people, what’s really evil?”

“Eating babies!”

“Babies on spikes!” I can’t help thinking.

“Eating babies it is. What would you call that, anyway? Something… phage. Vore? Which one is the Latin again? Infanto… carni… cannibal? Erm. Anyway… eaters of babies. Baby eaters! Yes! What if some of those came to the party? He’s saying maybe that wouldn’t be so good to invite them to the bash and they wouldn’t like the hor d’oevres everybody else is having anyways. Except, he’s applying this to the Catholics in this particular case. Because in the Protestant context at this point, they are like Sauron.”

Meanwhile, I’m doodling Lord of the Rings meets Eddie Izzard in my notebook at this point. Isengard is covered in jam!


  1. You know Saruman would sit in his tower all day long and put babies on spikes.

    “Gandy, you want a rack of babies?”
    “But I’ve got babies on racks!”

  2. Um… *cough*.

    Nothing to see here… move along…


  3. I am in love with your Milton professor.

  4. *snicker* He so would. I think I need an Izzard icon of Saruman now. If only because he wears a dress *g*

  5. *snerk* It’s obviously the fashionable topic of the moment, eh?

  6. Yeah, I would find her incredibly cool as well, if it weren’t for a few of the more annoying quirks, including the whole crazy dog lady part. But I’ll get around to that soon enough 🙂 And yay! I shall see you in a couple of weeks! 😀

  7. OMG

    that would be so great

    would he be an executive transvestite or an action transvestite?

    or a fuckin weirdo transvestite?

  8. Well, let’s face it, when is toddlerphagy not the rage somewhere…?


  9. Y’know, I don’t know if any of those categories would want to claim him… at least until he got rid of the beard and got a decent shampoo and trim. Then again, for all we know, he might be hiding a fabulous pair of ruby red kitten heels under that dress…

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