Like, whoa.

Dude. I just counted the credits on my transcript today and I officially have senior standing. *blinks* This graduation thing might be real after all. How terrifying.


  1. Word, man. Don’t worry, we’ll clear that pressing real world crud right up with all that non-work Disney time you’ll be logging in the coming months! *g*

    But, yay! Degrees! Accomplishment is cool, yo. (And so is having the perfect icon for the occasion. 😉

  2. Heh. Of course, given that I was at junior standing for all of, like, three years, a little change like that doesn’t necessarily mean I’m graduating any faster 🙂 All the same, scary and cool. How goes it on your end?

  3. Heh. No kidding! I didn’t actually think about it until yesterday, but there’s practically an event every month up until summer of next year!

    A birthday party next week, Orlando at the end of November, Christmas break, then Florida (and marionette!porn! heee.) in January, Escapade in February, and hopefully concert season by them. Coolness 🙂

    Your icon rocks. It begs for a schoolteacher!JC AU. Except, y’know, not possibly so much with the kinky because that might be wrong if he were teaching, y’know, elementary school. Okay, not going any further. Lalala.

  4. Technically, I have junior status. Untechnically, the scheduling gods of Mt. Registrar are trying to make it such that I cannot keep my econ major without taking the vast majority of my classes during the day at the campus that is a two-to-three-hour round-trip commute, so I suspect I am going to end up losing some credits to a late-date major switch. Even so, with a couple of classes in summer, I’ll be finishing a mere year later than my graduating class would have dictated, which seems patently impossible.

  5. Apologies for taking so long to reply to this — what’s up with LJ not sending comment alerts?

    Bummer about the commute — is there any way you can schedule it so it’d only be two days a week or would that still be not-so-much doable? That’s how I fiddled it for this quarter, since the drive from OC to LA is about that in traffic as well. I mean, if that’s really the major you want, isn’t there some way that a counselor could help or talk to the econ department to come up with some sort of deal? Surely they must take circumstances into mince, especially considering all you’ve done to get where you are. I mean, your estimated grad date is pretty damned impressive, sure that must be some sort of credit towards your willingness to work with the school. One would think?

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