Boring school talk. Skip freely past.

Wow, okay. Just finished both of my finals for summer sessions classes and am feeling pretty good about how I did. Even the Chaucer one, which I was kinda antsy about, since I hadn’t actually read any passages out of the original text, just in translation from an online version. Having no book and all. Luckily, you just can’t require as much work out of students in a 6-week summer course as you can in the same class over a whole quarter. So no Middle English oral exams for me! Whew. Though our professor did look a little disappointed at that fact, even if the rest of us didn’t. Heh. Now, I just have to worry about registering for classes for this fall, because if the admissions office is as slow as I’m betting they are, I won’t be able to until the middle of next week, and with classes starting a week after that, I’m guessing there aren’t going to be many choices left for what will be open. Bleh.

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