Bahahaha. Chaucer class was canceled today because our professor called in sick. He never does that. This is the second course of his I’ve taken now and I know friends who were in others. The look on our faces when the department secretary came in to announce this was priceless. I think I might have been one of the three or four people in my row that uttered “Sweet!” in the exact same tone of voice, making us sound like rejects from a bad teen surfer flick. Obviously, I was not the only one dreading the upcoming quiz because of my rusty middle English translation skills.

Today I also took out my new laptop bag for a test run. It’s a bit on the huge side (a little more than 13″x13″x6″, which feels about half my size when strapped on), but has an amazing number of doodads and compartments and convertible bits. I’m a whore for extra compartments and detachable carrying cases, admittedly. Besides, I wasn’t expecting a bag that could fit both my large laptop and a full-sized Riverside Chaucer textbook to be a slim tote or anything. It’s here, for those who are curious. The green one. The price they’re asking on that site is obscene, though — it was being sold for about half that price at another nice online shop. I might get a second, smaller bag from another company, so that I’ll have some options on “light” school days. Maybe one of those pretty leatherette laptop handbags…

Am now in my other class and have just been approved to write a paper on the differences in portrayals of Mark in RENT. Hee.

And to top it all off, I now have my old school email account back! How I’ve missed it so! Cheesy PINE telnet access! A whole 5 MEGS of webspace (!!!) 😉 On the upside, though, access to all kinds of registered software, so I don’t have to go out hunting for scary hacked versions that might come with assorted bugs. And, of course, my happy addy, which brings back so many memories.

This concludes my bit of school geekery for the day.


  1. I loved your icon so much I pointed it out to my roommate.

    she wasn’t too impressed but I wouldn’t take that personally if I were you.

    Are you going? Keep an eye open for runaway hobbits if you do! *winks*

  2. Boo.

    Nice to see you again. It seems like it’s been awhile.

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