Party like it’s…

Happy Lunar New Year! Well, it’s not actually until tomorrow, but the partying starts tonight. 4,700 years (well, using this particular calendrical system) and counting, baby.

And now, the public service portion of today’s post.

This is the year of the Female Black Sheep. Some to say goat, actually, but any horned cloven-hooved fluffy beast should do in a pinch. Why the specificity? It’s a Yin Water year. Yin is female, as most know by now. Water is usually equated with the color black, because otherwise, you get images of soggy lambs in scuba gear. (No. Actually, there’s better reasons than that involving cycles and representations, but who wants to hear me ramble on?) Since both the elemental cycle and the zodiac wheel will make full circle after this year, there will, astrologically speaking, be more changes than usual happening in the next several months.


  1. happy new year =D

    thanks for that info. i knew it was the new year, but i didn’t know all that!

  2. Re: happy new year =D

    Yeah, mostly people just stick to the animal, since it’s the easiest thing to remember. There’s lots of modifiers in there, though, as you’d expect from any really old system of astrology. You were asking in another post about what sort of changes… it would depend entirely on your own signs and cycles in relation to this particular year. I can look it up and link some of the more decent stuff, if you’d like. It’s all just in fun, but I’d do it gladly if only because it doesn’t get nearly as much attention as “normal” western astrology.

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