I got my braces off last Friday. My teeth have been kinda hurty lately. Is this normal, for those of you that’ve gone through it? I’m thinking they’re just not used to standing on their own and all the abuse the act of eating has put them through. So I’m going back on the liquid & semi-liquid thing until they settle down. I get my retainer tomorrow, so hopefully that’ll help out a bit. Urgh.

*pops a handful of painkillers*


  1. that happened with me off and on after i got my braces off. i think it probably is exactly what you think. that they’re not used to being all by their lonesome. =x

  2. I’m sorry. I’m mouth hardware ignert. Just wanted to say.. Good Morning!

  3. no?? it should just be slimy when you lick it? them. theethses. :shrugs unhelpfly:

  4. *blink* No, they feel the way they’ve always felt. Not slimy, just… toothlike. Except, y’know, they hurt. Just the low background ache type thing. Eh.

  5. I guess I’m just deathly afraid that maybe it’s hurting because they’re starting to move around again and that would really suck after taking two years to get them to the right position, y’know? Which is why I’ll be glad of the retainer and am terrified of hard foods, but still. Ack. I’m just all paranoid, I think.

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