Hee. So my cubicle is in the back corner of the block furthest away from my supervisor and none of the other people who are my immediate neighbors are here today. I have a fast connection and a happy computer. There is very little in my inbox to do and I need to make it last for the entire day. I have to sound like I’m typing because that obviously means I’m being productive. So that I can be paid to update my LJ. Sometimes, work is cool.

In other news, multi-packs of little boys’ cartoon-emblazoned briefs ROCK. Besides being dirt cheap and made of comfy cotton, you get to have happy Disney characters stamped across your butt. Like snarly fuzzy bat aliens with antennae 🙂 And they’re, like, the perfect waistline for lowriders, which is an added benefit since what they sell in the lingerie department is, like, three times the expense *on sale*. Bah. *does the dance of bargain undies*

Saw _Signs_ again last night with and , since Kay hadn’t seen it yet. And it just gets funnier and funnier after the initial first-viewing tension wears off, we’ve discovered. And doesn’t drag nearly as much. And it’s fun to actually understand the shot choices and other little bits that seem random the first time around.

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