Disenchant this.

The boy pointed me to this page after having to listen to my repeated whining over the chore of disenchanting his multiple pages of craftycrap every few days. Because really, there’s nothing more tedious than toiling over a hot mailbox for upwards of half an hour, waving your hands repeatedly like some spastic jazz dancer for all to see. And not even getting to keep the spoils! It’s a good thing I like him. (And that he bought my epic flight training, but that’s another thing entirely…)

Anyway, this page here from elitist-jerks has some cool macros near the bottom to make DEing just a bit easier. They’re specialized right now for jewelcrafting, but one can change out the names to make them suitable for any item that they frequently turn to dust. It’s a bit more specific than the macro I’d been mulling over in my head for a while (which would have targeted specific bag slots instead), but is also probably safer for those that keep valuable disenchantable raid gear in their bags alongside their craftycrap.

Whatever shall I do with all the free time this has saved me? ;-P

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