The internet matchmaker post.

The internet is a great place for making friends. And sometimes more than friends. Even the really nice ones you don’t have to pay for! Don’t know how? That’s okay, because you can Google a guide for that, too!

Need more help? Two undead guys even wrote a really awesome guide, divided into three levels of increasing difficulty. Ignore the stupider comments — no thread can be all win, I suppose.

1. How to pick up women, WoW-style.
2. How to date women, WoW-style.
3. Dating women (heroic level), WoW-style.

And although the above can also be just as easily reversed for the ladies, I’ll also trot out an old classic:

A Girl’s Guide to Geek Guys

There you are, get crackin’! *raises eyebrow in general direction of a low-level pally friend*


  1. Hmm, while I do normally like geeky guys I just don’t think I’ll ever be able to bring myself to watch startrek. I know there have to be sacrifices to make a relationship work sometimes, but Spock is just a step too far!

    • LOL! Funny, because I think back in the day, Spock was one of the major reasons women watched the show. (Well, that and his deep and abiding devotion — theirloveissopure — to Kirk inspired a whole new genre of fan fiction…) How do you feel about the shiny JJ Abrams reboot with all the pretty new cast? I love my Star Wars, but that new movie really has me considering switching sides, yo.

      As for myself, I have no illusions about not being deeply entrenched in geekdom, guys or not. (Though dating an engineer probably gives me more pocket protector cred.) If the pedigree of MMOs and RPGs wasn’t enough, having entered Babylon 5 costume contests, attended Comic-Con, and downloading all the seasons of every spinoff of Trek, various sci-fi/fantasy shows and the entire original run of Japanese Iron Chef on my external hard drive probably gave it away 😉

      PS. HI! *does happy dance of welcome*

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