Death by cookie.

The last two days were spent in a baking frenzy of epic proportions. Just trying to wrap my feeble mind around the sheer number of cookies we made is giving me a headache. I documented it, though, so once those photos will developed, you’ll get an idea. We sat there staring at them, piled on the counter, on plates, in large tins, on napkins, just about everywhere there was room, afterwards, sort of in dazed horror. At least four batches of a dozen each of seven different varieties, plus ten different icings. And wow, did some of those gingerbread men turn out freakishly…

At any rate, I think it’s safe to say that most of you can expect baked goods in the mail in very short order. Hee.


  1. wow.



    *humbly bows before you in adoration*

  2. all i have to say, dear, is that you’re a nutbag.

  3. And for that comment, you’re getting the gingerbread fella with the broken legs. That’s just a warning. Bwahahaha.

  4. Let it never be said that I do things in moderation. Not much fun in that, after all… *g*

  5. i respect your powers.
    ::bows humbly::
    (will this earn me more cookies? 😉

  6. oh, no, what next? a cookie horsehead slipped into my bed while i sleep?

    tucker’ll eat it.

  7. Contrary to popular belief, flattery gets you *everywhere*. 😉

  8. Hmm. In that case, I’d better make sure to spike it with rat poison…

    How is the dear land whale, anyway? 😛

  9. mom scheduled an appointment to have his claws ripped out today.

    ::rubs hands together maniacally::

    and now it’s time to settle the score…

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