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Hmm. Apologies for the service interruption – it appears my sites might have been down with the cache.php bug as early as this last Wednesday. Have it somewhat patched up using Perishable Press’ three-file fix, but still am seeing a few odd things happening here and there. I’m gonna back these things up and take a closer look soon. Hopefully, there will still be something left after I’m done 🙂

And, in news of the fashion-related, I am considering perming my hair. Yep, the traumatic memories from mother-inflicted high school hairstyles must be starting to fade, hmm? Nothing crazy, just something for body since my roots have a tendency to flatten rapidly… much like our land-whale of a cat Misu. Plus, I hear that they have a much wider and gentler selection these days. Will still have research the offerings here, since it seems the hairdressers of Rauma are not entirely familiar with my type of hair, but hopefully this will happen for the summer. Kinda want to do some color, too, but not sure whether that will be a good thing, health-wise, since my hair will need to be bleached and that might be bad for the perm part. Decisions, decisions…


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  1. Good luck with the perm! 🙂 I know the sorrow of flat roots, having them myself. Flat roots and frizzy ends seems to be my lot in life, and now that I’m growing my hair back after having it short for several years I’m rediscovering just how limp it is. I’ve switched hair products recently though and it seems to be somewhat better.

    You realized you’re going to have to post perm pics, don’t you?

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