Yarn stash!

Hey look, it’s Sunday again! That means I should be updating this blog 🙂 With spring right around the corner and a big move coming, I figured it was as good a time as any to inventory and catalog stuff before packing. I’d been doing a haphazard job of keeping track of my yarn stash on Ravelry already, so today that was cleaned and updated to more accurately reflect what’s going on in that big box of fluffy cat-bait. Luckily, my yarn collection has not had time to grow very much here in Finland. I’d only brought over a small bag of must-haves when we moved and have been trying to only purchase enough for specific projects over the past couple of years. However, I’ve lately been picking up larger batches of yarn from various trips. That, combined with the leftovers from various projects, has resulted in a nice colorful jumble at the bottom of my yarn box. I have a HUGE pile of yarn amassed back in California which I will pack and ship over when I next visit (probably in summer of 2013), so it’ll be nice to have some sort of order before that messy yarnbomb of a parcel arrives on our doorstep. I’ve always been fond of seeing what other people have stashed, so I thought I’d pop up a little gallery of what’s here at the moment. And hey, if anybody is interested in swaps or shopping-and-trading, definitely drop me a note! We’re drowning in nice wools up here but finding any other fiber tends to get a bit difficult, so I’m always looking for options.

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