Quarterly Crafty Update.

Wow, has it really been 3 months since my last “what I’ve made recently” update? Guess the holidays and new job really made the time fly o.O

A hazy blue poet pullover. My fourth sweater and first one to venture into the sort of shaping I’d like to do more of. Bishop sleeves and a bit of a stand to the collar also make me happy. I might do a summer-weight version of this one of these days as well — it’s a versatile and wearable pattern base for all sorts of sleeve variations.

A slouchy white alpaca winter hat with smocked headband. The pattern shows up so prettily in the light color. I definitely want to work some smocking into my next sweater as well.

A slouchy black alpaca winter hat in mini-cables. This pattern on this one didn’t turn out as visible as I had hoped. Partly because of the dark color and partly as a result of my tendency to knit loosely, I’m guessing.

A reversible, personalized cotton superhero cloak for my friend’s little boy! This was done as a Christmas present, actually. I did it in black and red because I figured sometimes you want to play the hero, sometimes you want to play the villain. Afterwards, I noticed that most other people were making them in red and blue. So maybe I was the only one who wanted to also play a villain as a kid? I dunno. Either way, black is flattering and useful for many things, so I can’t see any wrong in it.


And finally, a poofy princess skirt for the same friend’s lovely little girl. I know I always wanted one of these as a kid. Heck, I’dve probably worn the skirt *with* the cloak, so she’ll get one of those this year as well.


  1. Fabulous work on all of those clothing projects! I really need to get beyond the basic knit and purl and learn how to knit properly and do a sweater. My arms are long so it’s hard to find sweaters that properly fit them. Once I master the mysteries of doing a project more complicated than a hat…I’m going to tackle doing a sweater similar to the one you made. Bishop sleeves (never knew there was a name for those!) are a fave. I picture doing a sweater with bishop sleeves where the body is more boxy and long.

    • Thank you! And really, you don’t need anything but knit and purl to do anything! I pretty much jumped into sweaters right from the start. It’s basically just knitting large swathes of fabric with a little bit of shaping and putting them together. I know many people prefer to do things in the round, but I find doing flat pieces makes more sense to me, probably because I’m used to seams and pattern pieces. And yes, the best part of doing them yourself is that they fit exactly how you want them to fit. We should totally do a knit-along 🙂

      • Doing a sweater seems like such a challenge! A daunting one! But I’ll learn, I’ve got the knit and purl sort of down, it’s more keeping track of how many rows and stitches and when to switch that scares me. I’m a nervous person and you’d laugh at how many hats and scarves that were started, then pulled out, then started again. 😉

        A knit-along would be fun! My one pal is an excellent knitter like you so i can always bug her in person to show me the tricks of the knitting trade.

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