Yarnish update.

It’s been a while since my last crafting update and I’ve made a handful of things since then. Been mostly concentrating on knitting since I started last spring, trying to pick projects each time that are both functional and instructional. These are the results! Pictures link to corresponding Ravelry pages.

A classic wool pullover with just a few modifications to sleeve and hem lengths. I didn’t mean to make it in Finnish colors, but it was what I had on hand so I went with it. I <3 stripes! A garment with many firsts — my first time knitting with more than one color, first time pick up collar stitches, and first time setting in sweater sleeves. Also, this is my first sweater to actually fit the way I’d imagined it would, so I’m sort of excited about that.


One of two ribbed alpaca scarves made for the husband to add some variety to his neckwear. This one is a seeded rib that looks really nice with suits and darker coats. Tweaked to be skinnier and longer, to work better with his preferred way of wearing scarves. Making dude scarves is always something of a challenge, since it’s all about finding that fine line between restraint and style.

A grey wool ribbed short-sleeve sweater and my first project done completely in the round. This turned out a bit bulkier than I’d expected due to gauge issues with my loose knitting. Still, it’s quite wearable for layering and gave me a reason to use up some of the extra purple ribbon I had left over from the wedding reception 🙂


A simple, squishy ribbed scarf made of fluffy-soft alpaca. My first shot at ribbing, this also proved to be a very forgiving combination for missed stitches. Good thing, too, because I didn’t learn how to unravel and pick up stitches until two projects later, so had to basically start from scratch if I wanted to delete a mistake before that!

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  1. Directions: Back and front of the sweater was knitted as one piece up to armholes, then front and backs were knitted separately. Cast on 30 sts (including edge stitches). Rows 1-4: rib Rows 5-16: stocking stitch Divide the stitches on the needle as follows: 1 edge st and 6 sts for the left back, 16 sts for the front, 6 sts and 1 edge st for the right back. Continue front and left and right backs separately.

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