Wall o’ Scarf.

IMG_0040 (3)

I have a lot of scarves. Even before we moved to Finland, where you actually use them for more than half the year, I had a lot of scarves. My mom was paranoid that way. Back in Cali, however, they tended to just sit in a giant pile that was occasionally rummaged through on a windy day. As we enter my second Finnish winter here, though, I decided we needed a better system for making winter accessories easily accessible. Thus, the wall o’ scarf. It’s a IKEA belt/scarf/tie hanger nailed to the wall. Right next to the coat rack and across from the drawers where we keep the gloves and hats. So you can’t put on a coat without coming face to face with the whole collection and have enough time to ponder what will go with your particular outfit before you finish getting dressed. Convenient, no? Now, if only I could find room for a bag/purse rack…

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