Pin There, Done That: Baking Soda and Essential Oil Room Freshener Jars


So with two cats, a potty-training toddler, my various kitchen experiments and a sports-inclined significant other all rattling around the house, you can imagine that an assortment of smells manage to waft through on a daily basis. That’s why I got really excited when I found some posts about making your own air fresheners from household items. All I had to do was whip up half a dozen to place strategically around the house, and my days of burning candles and chasing after everybody with Febreze would be done! Well, that was the plan, anyway.


Ingredients roundup! Six small, clean jars that used to hold Nutella. They were a nice, thick glass so I couldn’t bring myself to throw them out, even though the plastic lids kept them from being useful for canning purposes. Turns out they are a nice size for air fresheners. Two 900G containers of baking soda, because that’s the largest size they have available at the supermarket. Lastly, some sweet orange essential oil and some vanilla fragrance oil. I was set upon making a creamsicle scent, because the orange on its own just seemed lonely. Note that there is no such thing as vanilla essential oil (absolutes are another thing entirely) so that was the closest I could get. I was mostly after a pretty scent anyway.

The jars were filled to a little less than halfway with baking soda, then 5 drops of each oil were added.

The oil just kinda makes a blob in the powder so you have to distribute it. That’s where the jars come in useful — I just popped on the lid and shook each one until it was evenly distributed. Orange creamsicle scent achieved!


I cut out round pieces of tulle netting and covered each jar with a double layer, held closed by a rubber band.


A bit of matching ribbon to pretty it up, and they were set to go to work making our house a less stinky place!

So.. the verdict? I set these jars in some pretty high traffic areas — behind the kitchen garbage bins, in the bathrooms, in the front room where the gym bag sometimes lives, and near the cats’ favorite protest-pee spots. Some places worked better than others. Perhaps the scent was just a little too soft to successfully fight stronger odors — I’m going to give both lemon and lavender versions a try later on to see if those fare any better. They did do well in places that just needed medium to light freshening, though, such as the front room. The baking soda would get clumpy after a few days and the scent would disappear — then I just had to shake it up a bit and it smelled nice again.

I can’t even chronicle how long a lifetime these things have yet because we never got that far. I discovered that they were also mighty useful to have around for the various smelly spills that happen around the house, so I would always be grabbing one to sprinkle over a bit of leaky kitchen garbage or some small creature’s most recent puddle (either accidental or on purpose). The tulle cover made it easy to sprinkle for even coverage. It works really well for cleaning up furniture — soaks the liquid right up and deodorizes if you leave it for an hour or so. Then just vacuum it right off and you have just the scent left!

So if you’re looking for something that can handle of a bit of household multi-tasking, this might just be what you’re looking for! My only tweak would be to make a version for stinkier areas (like the bathroom/catbox) with more surface area and a stronger scent. I will most certainly get around to sharing that once the time comes. Still much cheaper than chemical sprays and much less likely to provoke my allergies!


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