Most important meal of the day.


Just uncovered this from the photo dump folder while I was cleaning up and had to post it to the blog. I have to wonder just how many other moms out there have this same dilemma. Although I always have snacks for the little guy available in my purse, I will forget to pack my own breakfast three times out of five a week. At least this means that my supply of baby snacks is always relatively fresh 😉 Those Moomin whole grain and fruit cereal bars (middle) are pretty tasty, actually. The Ella’s cookies were a bit dry but still edible. The Ella’s Nibbly Fingers left… something to be desired. They were an odd mixture of chewy and crumbly without having enough flavor to warrant it. I now understand while most of them had only one bite taken out of them. Dipping them coffee only served to make them soggy and flavorless. Mmmm, breakfast of champions.

PS. I did start leaving a loaf of bread and some PB&J at work so I wouldn’t keep eating the baby’s stash, so it all worked out in the end 😀

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