French Toast Cut-Outs


Right, so I realize that this one is sort of a cheat, because who doesn’t like french toast? Especially when it’s cut into cute little animal shapes and drizzled with maple syrup? To be fair, the recipe that I used from Annabel Karmel’s New Complete Baby & Toddler Meal Planner did not have any added sugar element, as befitted something for very small people. However, since I was making the toast for everybody and the baby saw me using syrup, he had to have a bit too. It is pretty much this recipe without the sugar and with a bit more milk. I like my french toast on the soft side, so the additional liquid worked well for everybody. I cut the toast before dipping and frying, since it was bordering on too soft to cut well (and remove from the cutter) after it was cooked. The most difficult part was just finding cookie cutters small enough to use with the smallish toast slices I was using! Expect to eating a lot of toast scraps if you break out the cookie cutters — my plate didn’t look nearly as adorable but it tasted just fine 😉

Biting off the heads first, as you do. I gave up after the first three animals and just gave him a whole slice of french toast, since he was stuffing them in his mouth too fast to notice the aesthetic efforts I was making. This was a year ago, though, so he might be more observant now at the age of 2. We might have to try this in the upcoming weeks and see.

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