Pin There, Done That: Vinegar Soap Fruitfly Traps


Behold, my friends, a thing of great beauty. Yes, I am sharing a cup of dead flies with you. First nettles, now flies — I really know how to charm ’em, right?

Since our garden yields lots of fruit and I process as much of it in the kitchen as possible, fruitflies inevitably show up each year in early autumn. While they die away of their own accord after a few days, they can get super annoying when I’m in the middle of a week-long preserving binge. I’ve tried variations of this trap with juice and other stuff in the past, but after doing a proper Google research session on it, I made this particular fruitfly trap with apple cider vinegar and a dab of dish soap. It proved quite effective.


Let’s get a closeup, shall we? Look at all those little carcasses! Bahahaha. I whipped this up in a hurry, slopping everything into a ceramic cup and just leaving it on the counter overnight. I later saw another version using a bottle, with a paper funnel taped on so they couldn’t get back out. I don’t know how many flies might have escaped from my more accessible trap, so I will have to try that trickier version next autumn to see if I can improve my body count.

Still, this wasn’t too shabby for a couple minutes’ effort! The only down side is that the vinegar smell can be quite strong if you are in the kitchen with it, so it was most convenient for me to put it out after I was done with the kitchen for the night. Nothing like coming down in the morning to a fresh cup of coffee and a stinky cup of dead insects. Totally worth doing again!

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