Wild, wild west.

Early last week, an old friend and I were taking the little guy to Pan Pacific Park’s huge playground sets for a quick romp when we noticed this little drama unfolding in a tree close to us. Yeah, you might have to squint a little, they’re both well-camouflaged. It’s like those trips to the zoo where you spend 20 minutes at each exhibit trying to find the lizard in the foliage.

See them now? Little grey squirrel at the bottom left. Hungry falcon (hawk?) at the upper right. I can’t tell what species he is, since ornithology was never my strong suit. He definitely was giving that squirrel some deep consideration, though.

That is, until he noticed us.

“Hey, that hawk is totally looking at us now.”
“Yep, I don’t think he expected to be doing this in front of a rapt audience.”
“Looks like he’s rethinking it. ‘Aw man, that lady is videotaping me too.'”
“Ooops, never mind. There he goes. Too much pressure?”
“Performance anxiety.”

Californians, man.

You’re welcome, Mr. Squirrel.

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