Rauma’s Church of the Holy Cross (interior photos)

Well, the title pretty much says it all. A year ago, my Finnish language course took us on a field trip to the local medieval church. A bit of cultural edification for the foreigners, I suppose. It was actually a nice little tour, though keeping up the with guide’s spoken Finnish was still a bit difficult for me at the time. I might just go visit with the little guy and do it again now that my ear has developed some. The fun thing about this tour was that they also took us upstairs to visit the big pipe organ, which isn’t usually shown on the everyday tours. This instrument has particular significance to me because it was used to play our wedding march and recessional. So while I was pretty familiar with the downstairs areas from having to do wedding rehearsals in them, the upstairs portion was still shiny and new.

There isn’t much about the church that isn’t covered in the Wikipedia entry, so I’ll just link there for anybody who is interested in learning more. Short version? Lovely old stone church, originally a Franciscan monastery, now Lutheran. Awesome for weddings and baptisms, I can say from personal experience. Here’s some photos of the art and interior, since I don’t see those online as much as I see the exterior shots. (Which are just as lovely, and I have some here.)

PS. Yep, still in California, yet posting about Finland. Just to keep everybody on their toes. 😉

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