The One Where I Gloss Over Not Posting for Almost a Year. Also, Mushrooms!

Because c’mon, the only people who are really reading this already know that juggling toddlers and various other aspects of adult life are not entirely compatible with keeping a regular writing schedule. But you know what was actually on schedule this year? Mushroom season!


Yeah, great segue, I know. I try, I try.


Really, though — I’m rather proud because this was the first year I went out to forage mushrooms and actually came back with a basket full of really good-looking ones! These were picked at the beginning of September, so I’m not even too late in posting about them at all 😉 I’m still fairly cautious when I go out on my own, though, so only pick those that I’m 99% sure I can identify. Then I run them by a couple of more-knowledgeable friends to be absolutely certain. I’m in that dangerous middle stage where I’m ready to move beyond beginner mushrooms but still get confused between all the new ones I’m learning. However, the ones I most avidly pick are easily recognizable, don’t really have any dangerous lookalikes and come from familiar stomping grounds so it’s hard to go wrong.

For example, the lovely boletes in my first picture — porcinis (Boletus edulis) and foxy boletes (Leccinum vulpinum) were growing right along (and in!) a wooded path we regularly use for household errands. Porcinis are edible as is but the foxies need to be fully cooked to be on the safe side, so I processed both a little differently before freezing (more on that later). After seeing so many other choice mushrooms sprouting, I thought I’d do a quick sweep of my chanterelle and hedgehog sites in hopes that they fruited as well. Despite friends saying it was a bit late in the season for those, I found a good chunk to add to the store-bought ones that I was already processing for winter use. 

What sort of processing did you do and what other mushroom adventures came next? You undoubtedly did not ask that but I will tell you next post anyway because it’s been ages since I’ve been able to blog a bit and I’m feeling chatty 😀



  1. It’s been ages! Good to hear from you again.

    Lise, D, whoever!

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