Toddler logic is not Earth logic.


We have apparently entered the compound word phase. Which would be great except that the words are still somewhat questionable at best. For instance, Blob cannot pronounce “ankka” so ducks are now “kakka”. Which can be somewhat confusing, especially when we are trying to tell if he needs a diaper change. But that’s all just setup.

So we have cartoons on in the morning while I get dressed. The little guy usually eats then runs around shouting “moo!” and “ihahaa! ” while waving his stuffed cow and horse. Today he noticed the parrot while watching Jake and the Neverland pirates.

Him: Moo! Ihahaa! Moo! Ihahaa! (notices the TV) Kakka! (pointing to the parrot)
Me: That’s a parrot, baby, not a duck. Papukaija.
Him: Papa…
Me: Papukaija.
Him: Papa… kakka.
Me: …
Him: Papakakka!
Me: You know what? Close enough. What does the papakakka say?
Him: Moo-haha!

Quick Finnish-English lexicon with bonus Spanish!
kakka – poo / ankka – duck / papukaija (papagayo in Spanish!) – parrot

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