August 2015 Harvest


Thought I’d stick up some photos of our harvest last month. I didn’t bother keeping track of the weights or quantities, but we are getting a fair amount of fruit this year. Berries of all kinds flourished while our apples didn’t do so well. The vegetables were something of a bust, since I was only able to plant them but most bolted or were covered up by weeds before I could reap the results. I was still able to pick more this year overall, with Blob being more mobile and easy to take outside, but probably won’t be able to do anywhere close to a full haul of all our bushes and trees until I can actually trust him to explore on his own without resulting in bodily injury. Pictured above are wild bilberries from our forest (I love these, so was sad I could not spend more time picking them when they were so unusually plentiful), a few leftover strawberries from our garden, and a few handfuls of wild hedgehog mushrooms. We also got lots of blackcurrants (pictured below), redcurrants (forgot to photograph before freezing) and gooseberries (also unpictured, since I was lucky just to sneak some time to pluck them while Blob was napping). The raspberries (both red and yellow) surprised us with a late but generous crop. Considering I did not prune or weed anything at all last year, everything turned out super well. Then again, sometimes letting them grow unchecked for a year or two does seem to make them more productive. Next year, though, there will definitely be a bit more cleanup work so that moving around in the garden doesn’t require quite as much protective gear!




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