Hybrid Rugosa Rose ‘F.J. Grootendorst’


Hybrid Rugosa RoseF.J. Grootendorst‘ seems like a huge mouthful of name for such a smallish flower, but there you go. I think this is the first year this shrub rose has even put on a decent display. Like many other plants in the garden, it seems to have benefited from the mild summer. Of all the roses I’ve mentioned so far, this is probably my least favorite. I let it stay where it is mostly because of its unique appearances — you see plenty of other flowers bred to look like roses, but you rarely see roses bred to look like carnations. It’s about as ridiculous as one of those fancy restaurant hamburgers that was never meant to be picked up — interesting high/low juxtaposition but not particularly user-friendly, once you get down to it. You see, this rose has no scent, doesn’t produce harvestable rose hips (odd for a rugosa), and seems to attract every bug/disease that a rose can get. No wonder I didn’t really notice it until now — it spent the last four years looking half-eaten and miserable, clinging limply to the gazebo trellis. On the plus side, it did rather well as a long-lasting cut flower, after I manage to get past all the nasty little thorns to cut some. If it ever bothers to bloom again, I will probably continue to cut them, since they don’t seem to be good for any other purpose. Meh, I guess they can’t all be winners.


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