Dotted Loosestrife


Dotted Loosestrife (Lysimachia punctata) is another plant from our inherited perennial collection. It is completely unrelated to Purple Loosestrife, which I previously posted about, yet given the same colloquial name because both plants are used for similar purposes as traditional medicinal herbs. They both are dried and used for gastrointestinal problems as well as to wash wounds. The two plants grow right next to eachother in our garden and the colors complement eachother nicely. Not only do they go together well in a bouquet, but apparently they can go together in an herbal tea as well! I love that these old-fashioned plants often have multiple uses, it appeals greatly to the pragmatic side of me (the side with strong survivalist tendencies as well) even if I primarily get plants for aesthetic reasons. Who doesn’t want to know how to whip up a healing poultice at the drop of a hat? 😀

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