Ella’s Kitchen Fabulously Filling Fish Pie (with mash)


So I did a review of all of the current Stage 2 meals available in Finland a few months ago. Not completely satisfied with the range, I took the opportunity when traveling to pick up a few more flavors to try out on our little bottomless pit. This was an exercise in giving him variety, though I wasn’t so sure his reactions would be consistent since he only got to taste these once or twice. Then again, there isn’t much that he won’t eat in the end, so who knows?


Ella’s Kitchen Fabulously Filling Fish Pie with mash. It looks like… well, mashed potatoes and fish. Oh hey, that’s what it is! 🙂 Good work, then. It definitely smelled like fish, too. But not in that cloying way that cat food does. I guess the seasonings help cut through it. We used this stuff when Blob was teething, since he refused to eat lumps around then and I didn’t want to go back to feeding him purees. This was a textured compromise that both of us were comfortable with.


28% whole milk, 14% peas, 14% potatoes, 14% broccoli, 14% onions, 11% salmon, 4% unsalted butter, <1% parsley. That’s a decent amount of veggies, a okay amount of fish, and a whopping 1/3 dairy. Which I totally am happy with, because he does not drink nearly enough milk otherwise, so any dairy/dairy fat I can get into him through other means makes my life easier. I suspect the broccoli makes this stuff smell more than the fish does.

One side note — Blob didn’t finish all of the pouch the second time I served this, so I saved it for later and added it into some fruity porridge. It became Fruity Fish Surprise, which is reminiscent of some of the concoctions my mother used to feed us when we were younger. Suddenly, I have a whole new understanding of her thought processes. o.O (And yes, he ate all of Fruity Fish Surprise with remarkable enthusiasm. Goes to show that fruit is very versatile if you want it to be. Or that I have a baby with no taste buds.)

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