Networkin’ it.

Have tentatively agreed to go to an alumni/student career speaky-type thing later this month. Mostly because I do have a loyalty to the school, believe that I gained something truly useful from having attended there, and continue to make phenomenal contacts from their most recent graduates. Still, these things always come with that bothersome grain of doubt because, well, who the hell am I to be answering questions about people’s futures?

Last time I did this was as a student speaker for new admits and by my second time around, I was probably scaring the pants off them with my horror stories of gushing wounds (just remember: never bleed on the garment), neverending project-laden all-nighters, and other generally non-optimistic memories. I’ve always been more drill sergeant than motivational speaker, one could say. Which works well enough for the social structures and situations that exist on most sets, but probably doesn’t ooze the sort of glamorous appeal that lines them up at the doors.

But hey, we get a free breakfast and raffle out of it, and I’ll be able to pass out my newest business cards, so that’s a bright side, eh? šŸ˜€

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